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My art explores the reciprocity and superimposition of local and global dimensions via olfactory, musical, and spatial manipulation and acts as a perpetual voyage towards comprehending the human experience.


Through dialogue with others, I seek to unearth the nuances of our collective internal and external environments and how they relate to us and us to them. Only through dialogue can we approach an understanding of ourselves within the context of our surroundings and create a more illuminated future.

That is why I do art.

​Primordial bodies in space gradually shift into and out of alignment with each other, illuminating the perpetually unstable and unrepeatable nature of the microcosmic human experience and the transient harmonies that occur between and within our lives.

A farewell to the day, a moment of respite before entering the world of sleep.

Just as objects juxtaposed upon one another within a physical space define that space, the sounds in “Emergence” define sonic space, but not in the artificial manner of human constructs; but rather by taking inspiration from natural design, integrating Fibonacci sequences throughout the architecture of the work and generating billions of unique multiplex sonic associations.


The film is a synthetic representation of a sunrise, with the past dark and the future light, illustrating our emergence from the dark and questioning what and who the future holds in the dawn of tomorrow.

Inspired by the kaleidoscopic artists of New York; a toast to the creatives that hide in the woodwork of the city.

Created as a moment for contemplation on humans' effects on the earth and the infinitely complex relationship between cause and effect.

"The Ephemeral Present" refers to both the invaluable gift of human life and to the transience of humanity.

The composition was inspired by Sharon Olds's Poem "Ode to Dirt," and first appeared in Odes, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2016, and is reprinted with the permission and thanks of the poet.

A multimedia event fusing orchestral music and olfactory art on a programme titled "Africa!" for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November, 2022.

"Rondo in A Major" explores questions of familiarity and surprise through music and scent.

An exploration of texture, clarity, and inter-element associations. Playful and fruity tones from Fig and Bergamot intensified by Black and Sichuan Peppers quietly and gracefully meld into a complex textural tapestry of Iris, Tonka Bean, and Virginian Cedarwood, further opening to reveal the innermost layers of Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Massoia.

A study of clarity and detail. Vibrant tones from Yuzu and Cardamom engage in an effervescent dance above a core of abstract florals, Linden, and Iris before calming into a silky base of Sandalwood, Hinoki, and Cedar.

An exercise in collaboration and empathy. A multimedia exhibition comprised of a series of paintings, musical pieces, and olfactory art organised in a singular physical space to represent the unity and fellowship various global artistic communities experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A study in programmatic music. A musical representation of childhood memories of the northern Minnesotan landscape during the winter.

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