F. A. Q.


What type of music do you specialise in?

I generally specialise in classical instrumental music, however I am also able to compose contemporary music. Please contact me for more information.

Where can I see you perform?

If you visit the Calendar page on this website, you can see all of my upcoming performances and events.

How can I meet with you?

Please book an appointment, located at the bottom of this page.

How does your commission process work?

Usually, the client will write a brief and we will discuss details in person or over email. I then will collect half the commission fee. Upon completion of the work, I will collect the remainder of the fee. Please contact me for more information.


Why can't I smell my fragrance after wearing it for a while?

This sensation is quite normal. It is explained by a habituation effect that no longer allows us to detect a fragrance on ourselves the same way we did when we first started wearing it. However, do not fear: other people will still be able to smell and appreciate the fragrance on you. Please contact us for more information.

How can I sample a fragrance?

One millilitre samples are available for purchase for all fragrances. Please contact us for more more information.

Will Frederick Robin fragrances affect me if I am sensitive to fragrance?

Frederick Robin fragrances use only the highest quality of natural extracts and chemical isolates. However, some people are sensitive to even natural ingredients. The best solution is to order a sample and try that particular fragrance on your skin. Please contact us for more information.

How do I apply my fragrance?

There are two ways to apply fragrance: 1 - To the skin directly, to pulse points such as the wrist and neck, in order to intensify the fragrance. The way a fragrance reacts with your skin will create a very personal and seductive effect. 2 - To your clothing, to preserve the integrity of the original fragrance. However, you should remember that some fabrics are delicate, and fragrance can sometimes cause staining. We also recommend always applying a fragrance to the inside of your clothing or to its lining.