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Frederick Robin

I develop and implement olfactory and musical assets tailored to brands and private clients, leveraging the subliminal power of scent and sound to strategically influence the evolving marketplace and opulently elevate the private life.

Bespoke fragrance and/or music that subtly integrates with your living spaces, boat, plane, bath, spa, and textiles.


For instance, your spa can have composed-to-order ambient music, your boat can have each room scented with a coordinated collection of custom-designed, understated scents, and your linens can all have a signature, delicate scent.


I work with your estate staff to ensure an exceptionally individualized and seamless olfacto-musical experience regardless of location or activity.


Private Clients

Event-specific fragrance coordination, original music composition, and playlist curation for weddings, anniversaries, galas, après-skis, and parties.

Imagine scented wedding invitations, the same scent in bubbles and candles in guests' gift bags at your reception, and the same scent in a fine perfume for your 10th anniversary.

I work with event directors, wedding planners, and estate managers to distinctively and memorably underscore your events with scent and sound.

Custom-made gifts exclusively for your friends and loved ones, such as perfumed textiles, candles, scented objets d'art, bath and body products, scented stationery, and fine perfumes.


Imagine gifting your daughter a complete collection of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, candles, and linen mist with her signature scent, made exclusively for her.

I work with exceptionally talented artisans to organize the design, production, and delivery of your gifts.

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Strategic fragrance implementation in brick-and-mortar stores, creation of fine fragrance collections, fragrance marketing, music curation, and original music composition for digital brand marketing use.



Ambient fragrance and/or music development and implementation in commercial spaces, ensuring a consistent, distinctive, and memorable brand experience.

Imagine an exceptionally-tailored selection of music that precisely fits your brand image and is part of the customer environment at all your locations.

I work with hotels, boutiques, galleries, museums, and performance venues to make and/or curate impactful music and scent.



Originally-composed music for advertisement and music curation for corporate events. I work with your marketing team and/or event director to find a music solution that translates your brand identity into sound.

Branded corporate gifts, such as candles, bath and body products, and scented stationery. I work with established manufacturers to organize the design, production, and delivery of your gifts.

About Me

In my personal life, I enjoy globetrotting with friends and family, playing tennis, skiing, cycling, hiking, collecting art, wine tasting, getting lost in a classic novel, and playing piano. I grew up in the upper midwest but have discovered a few secret gems throughout the world. Below, you can explore a map of my favorite places.

About You

I look forward to meeting you. Below, you can find a contact form to begin the conversation about a bespoke fragrance and/or music solution for you.


In 2016, at age 14, I founded olfactory lifestyle label Studio FSR and have worked as Lead Perfumer, Co-Creative Director, and presently, Senior Advisor. In 2024, I graduated from Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) with a Bachelor's of Music degree and a minor in Philosophy. I've worked in a variety of directly and tangentially-relevant fields, including Hospitality, Perfumery and Cosmetic Formulation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Music Performance, and Music Composition. Since 2016, I've been working independently with over 120 brands and private clients to orchestrate the design and implementation of scent and music solutions in commercial and private spaces.

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