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N° 1 Extrait de Parfum


The Inspiration

The flowers bloom all around me as I step into my garden on a warm summer day. The air is filled with their sweet fragrance as they offer their beauty to the world. The intoxicating smell of freshly-pulled carrots wafts through the air, while the cool fragrance of cut grass tickles my nose. The earthy smell of the surrounding forest reminds me of my childhood home, where conifer trees stood tall and proud. The flowers' delicate sweetness balances out the bitterness of galbanum and cedarwood, making them the perfect companions for this fragrance.



The Composition

The sharp and vegetal notes of Egyptian Geranium and Turkish Galbanum mingle with the earthy and woody aroma of Virginian Cedarwood to create an exhilarating and crisp scent that is as complex as it is vibrant.


The Presentation

100mL flaçons are crafted in Normandy by legendary glass atelier Verreries-Brosse and topped with a silver-tonecap made in Milan.

  • Turkish Galbanum

    Egyptian Geranium

    Lily of the Valley

    Virginian Cedarwood