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The Inspiration

My garden in summer contains a myriad of scents. It contains the scent of the freshly-pulled carrots, the scent of the fresh-cut grass, and the scent of the forest which surrounds me. Egyptian Geranium is technically a floral note, but is unlike many others in that it is sharp and crisp. I used Turkish Galbanum because fresh-cut grass smells nearly identical with its green and bitter facets. Virginian Cedarwood is akin to the conifer trees that surrounded my childhood home, but is smoother and more rounded. I chose Lily of the Valley for the sweet and creamy tones it adds to N° 1.


The Composition

Vegetal and bitter facets of Egyptian Geranium and Turkish Galbanum produce a sharp contrast between smooth tones of Virginian Cedarwood and Lily of the Valley.


The Presentation

100mL flaçons are crafted in Normandy by legendary glass atelier Verreries-Brosse and topped with a silver-tonecap made in Milan.

N° 1 Extrait de Parfum

  • Turkish Galbanum

    Egyptian Geranium

    Lily of the Valley

    Virginian Cedarwood