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N° 3 Extrait de Parfum

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The Inspiration

The most beautiful perfume I have ever smelled emanated softly from an unknown woman at church on Easter, so I asked her what it was. She told me it was from a small perfumery in France and she got it on her recent trip there. I knew I had to create a perfume in that style. Aldehydes are a raw material that have been used widely in French perfumery since 1921. Jasmine Grandiflorum from the south of France is a perfect companion to the vibrancy of the aldehydes. I use Turkish Rose because of its spiciness and warmth, which contrast with the bright intensity of the Aldehydes and Jasmine. Lily of the Valley is used as a fresh, green note which adds lift, providing a distinct lightness and sophistication to N° 3.


The Composition

Bright and crisp notes of Aldehydes and Jasmine Grandiflorum sparkle high above the warm and green facets of Turkish Rose and Lily of the Valley, creating a fragrance that is both sophisticated and playful.



The Presentation

100mL flaçons are crafted in Normandy by legendary glass atelier Verreries-Brosse and topped with a silver-tone cap made in Milan.

  • Aldehydes

    Jasmine Grandiflorum

    Lily of the Valley

    Turkish Rose