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The Inspiration

Have you ever met someone whose fragrance smells neither modern nor outdated? That's a classic fragrance. N° 4 is modelled after great fragrances from the past. I used an ingredient I rarely use: Tunisian Neroli. Neroli, which is obtained from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree, was a key material in fragrances of antiquity and was one of the first materials used in Western perfumery. I chose Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute, which was once the most common floral extract used in perfumery. Now, it is nearly always a synthetic reconstruction. Amber, which is an accord of numerous resins, and Mexican Vanilla contrast intensely with the top and middle notes of Tunisian Neroli and Jasmine Grandiflorum. The transition between the brightness and warmth is particularily intriguing with the presence of Neroli.


The Composition

A bright accord of Tunisian Neroli and Jasmine Grandiflorum gradually transitions into a base of warm, sophisticated Mexican Vanilla and an Amber Accord.


The Presentation

100mL flaçons are crafted in Normandy by legendary glass atelier Verreries-Brosse and topped with a silver-tonecap made in Milan.

N° 4 Extrait de Parfum

  • Tunisian Neroli

    Jasmine Grandiflorum

    Amber Accord

    Mexican Vanilla