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The Product

Get an inside experience of the Frederick Robin creative process. The Studio Set is a collection of four different 1mL bottles of unnamed and limited-edition extraits de parfum that are byproducts of the creative process. Each studio batch that I create produces anywhere from 10 to 50 bottles. 



Due to the high standards at the Frederick Robin studio, ideas that need further refining are simply unavoidable. I generally create about 1500mL of fragrances that need more tweaking and ratio adjustments each month. This means my studio produces around 18 litres of fragrances that would be wasted each year. Instead of discarding these distinctive fragrances, allowing others to experience my creative process from a different perspective means generating significantly less waste and making a healthier planet for future generations.


Subscription (Optional)

Each month, you will receive a different Studio Set which will be mailed from the Frederick Robin studio on the first business day of each month.

Studio Set

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    May contain ingredients that cause an allergy in a small portion of the population.