The Vision

Having studied music for my whole life and recently unearthing a deep passion for fragrance, it only seemed natural to explore and create emotional and detailed connections between them. So far, I have already discovered an immense and highly under-explored realm of art: musical olfactions, which are both musically-enhanced olfactory experiences and olfactorily-enhanced musical experiences. What this means is that I first listen to nature and examine its beauty to discover a source of inspiration; then, I apply what nuances and moods speak to me from that source to both music and fragrance (Is it melancholic? Is it loud? Is it elegant?). Next, I create an open architecture of how I envision the fragrance to smell and the music to sound. Lastly, the most personal stage: I give life to the music and fragrance, and I finally create the finished work.


To keep the vision of musical olfactions alive and continue exploring the wondrous realm of music and fragrance, support from patrons who possess an appreciation or curiosity for the vast worlds of music and fragrance is of utmost importance.

Thank you for your continued support and endless curiosity.