My lifelong quest is to make the world more conscious of art's essential role in the human experience and to integrate artistic consciousness into everyday life, which requires redefining what art really is. I believe, personally, that art is anything and everything done with intention. This broad mindset opens the door to an endless series of questions. The more questions to ask, the more exploration to do! Thinking about tea kettles, tables, shoes, or even people as art dramatically changes the experience of one's everyday life and creates a more curious, stimulating, and appreciative internal atmosphere.

Viewing people as art and studying them both as singular and as interconnected beings of fluid intention results in an exponential explosion of questions, answers, and curiosity. Using my own personal studies and observations of people and their interactions as subjects for creative inspiration is deeply fulfilling and I encourage you to explore this concept!

I will forever be a student, the world forever my classroom, and the people forever my subjects of study.

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