Multimedia collaborations are my favorite form of artistic expression because every artist working on the project gets to do what they are passionate about. They don't have to sacrifice individuality or conform to strict budgetary limits, as is sometimes the case with commissioned works. Creating pieces with other artists generates a sense of community while working and, as a result, is reflected in the finished piece.


My media are music and fragrance. I can add a large variety of sensory effects or emotions to a scene or idea by slightly adjusting one proportion or another. My work often takes a supporting role on a project, which allows the dancers, actors, or other visual or performing artists to take center stage and the music or fragrance to provide a backdrop, adding depth, nuance, and cohesion to the work. I prefer to use minimal amounts of material, meaning every note or subtle aroma is carefully selected and balanced with its neighbors. Rather than having voluminous and grandiose compositions, my work is often more focused on spatial placement, balance, and inter-element relationships.


Working in a community with a team of artists is a fantastic learning experience for a young artist. The support of donors and patrons of the arts allows me and my fellow artists to continue creating multimedia pieces. I intend to expand this concept so many more artists across all fields can collaborate with each other to create distinctive and multifaceted works.

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